Equatorial Guinea Industry Diving & Rope Access

has been providing a wide range of essential services to the offshore Oil & Gas
industry. Our deep experience in working on our customers’ high value critical assets in
some of the most challenging and remote locations ensures we are a vendor of choice for
international oil majors, national oil companies, independent Oil & Gas producers and
oilfield services companies operating in the offshore environment in Equatorial Guinea.
We have multi
skilled teams who perform a wide range of added value and essential
tasks in complex offshore & onshore environments to provide our clients with innovative
and cost effective services, while maintaining the highest focus on safety and
environmental issues.


Industrial Services

Our experience in Equatorial Guinea and in this market has enabled us to adapt our
activities to meet the exacting needs of our customers in this industry, such as:

  • Reducing POB by mobilizing multi
    skilled technicians and supervisors,
  • Sourcing, training, mobilizing and managing large teams to execute specific projects
    during high activity periods,
  • Modification of work processes to ensure we maximize job engineering, planning,
  • preparation and supervision performed by our on shore teams, again reducing cost
    and POB,
  • Reducing equipment and weight on board by mobilizing our rope access specialists in preference to traditional scaffolding based access solutions,
  • Providing various type of inspections and solution plan

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